VAGABOND Back in Action Tonight w/ RIMSKY!!

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, we had some technical difficulties at Vagabond last week but we are back in action tonight!!

This FRIDAY AT THE VAGABOND we welcome a special live performance by RIMSKY of HUMBERT!! Showtime is midnight in the garden and is preceded and followed by our awesome resident and guest DJs spinning the good stuff. Additionally, because we had to close early last week we’re giving everyone FREE ADMISSION ALL NIGHT!! Arrive early to avoid the huge lines we had last week!!

We’re also stoked to let you know that tomorrow is the annual ROCK THE BELLS show at Bayfront!! We went last year and it was a blast – tons of people and good vibes all coming together for the love of hip hop. It was a beautiful thing and this year is sure to pop off with so many amazing headliners including A Tribe Called Quest, Method Man & Redman, Dead Prez, The Pharcyde, Nas, De La Soul, Mos Def, and more!!

Last but not least, this MUSIC MOVIE MONDAY we’ll be showing DEPECHE MODE 101 (1989)!! The film documents their 1988 US tour and also features their entire legendary show at the Rose Bowl. A must for any DM or 80s music fan, seating is at 8pm, the flick starts at 8.30.

Have a great weekend!!

Lolo, Jsin + the Sweat crew

P.S. Last Monday’s screening of PURPLE RAIN was made all the more Sweaty because the store’s A/C went kaput!! It’s fixed now so thanks to all who stayed but for those who couldn’t take the heat or weren’t available that night, we’ll be re-screening it Sunday, August 10th at 8pm!!


*Go out and do stuff!*

08.01.08 Show: Rimsky (at The Vagabond)
08.04.08 Music Movie Mondays: DEPECHE MODE 101
08.08.08 Event: Lolo DJs at the Dixie Dingo Invitational Film Festival (at Dorsch Gallery)
08.08.08 Show: Joy Division Tirbute Band 3 ONE G (at The Vagabond)
08.09.08 Film Screening: Sympathy For The Devil (at MOCA)
08.11.08 In-Store: Man Vs. Man, Clocks Are Devils + more
08.13.08 SWEAT BOOKS Book Club: “Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad
08.15.08 Show: Airship Rocketship (at The Vagabond)
08.18.08 Music Movie Mondays: WHOLPHIN SPECIAL EDITION
08.20.08 Listening Session: RARE SOUL w/ DJ SoulManJan
08.22.08 Show: Swamp Valve (at The Vagabond)
08.28.08 Show: Battle of the Bands #3 feat. Electric Bunnies, Pots ‘n’ Pans, Sinister Smith, Airship Rocketship and TV Club (at MOCA)

1 thought on “VAGABOND Back in Action Tonight w/ RIMSKY!!

  1. Hi Lolo,
    i’ve been reading your blogs during 3 or 4 hours this afternoon, first I want to tell you thank you very much because in 15 days I’ll be in Miami and i don’t want to go to the typical tourist shops and restaurants, I was looking for something different and in your links and blogs I’ve found it, I have now a big list of places to go and this is thanks to you!!

    I’m from Madrid (Spain) and I love music too, I’d like to know more about Miami cool places, the veggie restaurants are in my list and I think I have a restaurant for a day, but how about shopping? can you tell me some districts to buy clothes or comics?

    I’ll give you my email so if you want, you can write me. Of course I’ll go to your record shop and vintage clothing shop, you have a very good taste!

    Sorry about my english, please.


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