Sweat Records: Full vendor list for tonight + 20 reasons you should go!!

Hey friends,

Just a quickie email to let you know about all the AWESOME local independent businesses that are going to have tables at our big Sweat Stocking Stuffer concert/sale tonight!!

Sweat Records (of course) – Tons of quality CDs, DVDs, LPs, box sets, random toys, stationary and gifts!! We got the goods tonight.

Rag Trade – One-of-a-kind vintage clothing, pendants, and other “recycled” finds!!

LUSHBOX – JUST ADDED – Handmade, vegan, YUMMY body products including scents, body butter, bath salts and so much more. LushBox is also the #23 seller on etsy.com (etsy is like the indie eBay)!!

Lucha Workshop – Cool bags and totes and shirts including designs by your boy AHOL!!

Mamadelic – Awesome, handmade clothing, bags, and other accessories. I went to their craft fair last week and it was fabulous!!

Pink Ghost – Ft. Lauderdale’s newest funky store bringing you designer toys and other sweet gear by brands like Gama-Go and more!!

Emerging Thoughts – This locally-produced online site carries an array of indie clothing designers. See it in real life tonight!!


And if you’re still not convinced, here are 20 more reasons why you should come out tonight:

1) You like to support local independent businesses
2) The malls are all ZOOs right now
3) You still haven’t found gifts for a few special someones
4) Because YOU LOVE MUSIC and haven’t been to Sweat in way too long
5) You like to drink and party and get krunked up
6) Because screw paying $20 to park on the beach
7) You can’t wait to see what DJ Hottpants is going to wear tonight
8) Cuz Rag Trade, Pink Ghost, Lucha Workshop, Emerging Thoughts, Mamadelic, Lushbox and more are going to be on hand with cool unique clothing/jewelry/toys/gifts
9) Because you’re sleeping with someone in one of the bands…
10) Because you want to sleep with someone in one of the bands…
11) Because Sweat’s got that new Tom Waits box set and other goodies
12) Because Churchill’s is the funnnk
13) You don’t get out enough and dammit, you’re off for a couple days!!
14) Because I will give you a big huge hug when I see you
15) Cover is only $5, cheeeap
16) NO DOOR BS whatsoever – all are welcome!!
17) Because ALL new CDs and LPs at Sweat are $1 off tonight
18) Free candy canes!! Mmm, sugar…
19) Because the last Sweat party (PLUG Miami) was off the chain
20) And last but not least, because you know Shuttle Lounge are going to be “in the holiday spirit” and absolutely ridiculous…

Even if only a few of these apply, hey, come on out anyway!!

Happy Holidays,
Lolo + the Sweat crew