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So, Lush reunited, is touring, and just dropped their first new music in 20 YEARS, and IT’S INCREDIBLE! When all the other guys (MVB, Slowdive, Ride) reunited and toured, I was all “what about Lush?” Not that the others weren’t exciting, but Lush has always been my favorite of the shoegaze-whatever bands. Luckily, like MBV, they actually released some new music as well, so bonus points for them. Blind Spot is a 4-song EP that is unmistakably Lush in sound and feel. I’d even venture to say that people who’ve never heard the band could be easily hooked and then further delighted as they work their way backwards through the band’s solid catalog, which, by the way, was reissued as a vinyl box set last week for RSD. Thanks Lush, you’ve made my year. And ya know, it’s been a rough year for music. RIP Prince. -MLE

Lush – Blind Spot 10″, CD
Watch: Out Of Control
“The first new music from Lush for 20 years, and the first the band have released since their single ‘500 (Shake Baby Shake)’, taken from their last album ‘Lovelife’, in July 1996. The four tracks were recorded in the summer of 2015 with Daniel Hunt (Ladytron) and Jim Abbiss (Adele, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys). Lead track ‘Out of Control’ is simply put Lush on form and sounding like 20 years haven’t passed. It shimmers and the vocals pure as ever. It’s great to have Lush back.”


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