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Everyone’s talking about this year’s “summer anthem,” so I figured I’d join the pack. I have one pick, and it’s not a “new” song per se – hell, it’s not even that upbeat. It’s a cover of Etta James (yes, that’s dangerous territory), but since it’s a rocksteady cover, The Frightners pull it off without butchering the vocal. “I’d Rather Go Blind” works really well in a reggae style, and this version is so good that the mighty Daptone Records was happy to put their seal of approval on it. Pick up a copy today, relax with the single, then get real mellow with the dub version b-side. Don’t dig my summer anthem? Choose one of your own from this week’s in-stocks below, or from the INSANE amount of pre-loved wax hitting the floor every day (really jazz-heavy this week). -MLE

The Frightnrs – I’d Rather Go Blind 7”
Listen: “I’d Rather Go Blind”
“Ladies and Gentlemen we would like you all to give a gregarious ‘Great To Meet Ya’ to Daptone’s newest sensation, The Reigning Rocksteady Kings of Queens, New York: The Frightnrs . If classic Reggae done correct is your game, then kindly get ready to par ty down. Seriously… Once you hear their version of the late great Etta James’ classic (pressed into Daptone Family recipe petroleum based chips), ‘I’d Rather go Blind,’ you will find it impossible to not want to get down with friends and foes alike, imbibing on rum-flavored hooch lovingly poured into a pineapple or preferred tropical-fruit shaped vessel. Rejoice in the newfound excitement!

Had enough? NO! YOU WANT MORE!? Well, flip over this waxen platter of reggae perfection and find the dubbed-out ‘VERSION’, expertly produced by long time Daptone ringer, Victor ‘Ticklah’ Axelrod. Honestly… This record is a killer, and only available on this here Daptone 45rpm record. Please run down to your favorite INDEPENDENT record shop and grab one before they’re all gone.” -Daptone


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