1. FAQ

    Here is the handy-dandy SWEAT FAQ. PLEASE read this before calling or emailing us to ask a question. Thanks and enjoy!

    In-Store Events
    Used Records
    Local Merch/Ticket Sales
    Media, Etc.



    Q. Where is Sweat Records located?
    A. Sweat’s bricks-and-mortar location is at 5505 NE 2nd Ave. We’re next door to Churchill’s Pub on NE 55th St. and NE 2nd Ave., just a few blocks west of Biscayne Boulevard. Look for the purple-and-aqua awning and the mural of our musical heroes – you can’t miss us.

    Q. When are you open?

    A. As of August 2013 we are now open seven days a week! Store hours are noon to 10pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 5pm Sunday, excluding major holidays (and if say, Morrissey comes to town). 

    Q. What kind of music do you sell?
    A. Our shop is about 90% LP, 10% CD and we stock new and used of both. We have the largest selection of new vinyl in Miami and carry new indie releases, classic “catalog” titles, reissues of almost every genre. We have tons of hip hop, rock, experimental music, metal, folk, punk, world music and beyond.

    Q. Do you do special orders?
    A. Absolutely – for no extra charge we can special order any CD, DVD or LP that is currently in print, and we’ll call you when it comes in. Simply ask the whoever is working and they’ll look it up for you. Sorry but we do not take orders over the phone.

    Q. What else do you sell?
    A. Turntables, headphones, record sleeves and cleaning kits, Maroma incense, Iron Forge concert posters, vegan snacks (Alternative Baking Company cookies, Primal Strips vegan jerky, etc.) and the largest selection of South Florida-made t-shirts, music and gifts.

    Q. I heard you guys have bomb-ass coffee drinks.
    A. Yes! Sweat is one of Miami’s only fully-vegan coffee bars. We brew Panther Coffee beans (and sell them) and our handcrafted beverages get rave reviews from everyone who tries them. Read more about this on our Coffee Page.

    Q. How much is it to use your wi-fi?

    A. It’s free for all customers. Just buy a drink or anything in the store and we’ll give you the password.

    Q. Are you hiring?
    A. We are sorry but we currently have no paying positions available. We still love you though.



    Q. How can I schedule a show/meeting/event at your store?
    A. We are a DIY event space where YOU throw the event.  That said, figure out which date you would like to do it (Fridays or Saturdays only) and email a full explanation of your proposed event to events@sweatrecordsmiami.com. Scheduling 6-8 weeks in advance is recommended, two artists per show are allowed, and it must end by 9pm, so everything is cleaned up by the time we close. We love hosting in-stores and are proud to be an alcohol-free, all ages event space.

    Q. How much do we get paid?
    A. At this time, all shows at Sweat are 100% free and we are therefore unable to compensate bands. If you’re a touring band, you’re welcome to ask for donations and sell merch (we don’t take a cut). If the event you’re interested in doing is a legitimate fundraiser, we can make special arrangements for donations as well.

    Q. We’re a cover band. Can we play at Sweat?
    A. We prefer our events be comprised of acts with original material. If you have a cover song in your set that’s okay, however actual “cover bands” cannot book shows here.

    Q. Why do I need to make an e-flier?
    A. An e-flier provides patrons with complete visual information about your show. We’re unable to create effective event pages/listings without a flier to accompany event details.  The flier should have the Sweat logo on it (somehow) and must be approved by us before it is posted.

    Q. Does it cost anything to have an event at Sweat?
    A. Nope!



    Q. What type of used LPs do you buy/trade?
    We we’re looking for is used vinyl primarily in the genres of rock, pop, jazz, blues, soul, r&b, disco, alternative, metal and punk.  What we do not take is easy listening (Perry Como, Barbra Streisand, etc.), classical, show-tunes, and we’ve got enough hip hop and electronica to last us a while.  What we actually buy depends on the title but also on the condition of the records themselves and the jackets.

    Q. How do I sell/trade you my used LPs?
    A. Making an appointment will guarantee someone can look at your records!  Call the shop first (786.693.9309) to see if one of the vinyl buyers is there, or we can send a Sweat record scout to your location if it’s too large of a collection to bring in.

    Q. Do you buy used CDs?
    A. Not often, but if you have some really great stuff feel free to call us.



    Q. I am local and make music/art/vegan baked goods – how do I get my stuff in your store?
    A. We are all about supporting local creatives, both in our physical space and on the Sweat webstore.  For vinyl or CDs just come by the shop with three copies and we’ll have you fill out our consignment form.  For anything else please send an email to emile@sweatrecordsmiami.com and she’ll help you start the (very simple) process.  Payments are made on a quarterly basis.

    Q. Do you sell tickets to events?
    A. Yes indeed.  If you are an event promoter who would like to have Sweat as a ticket outlet, please email lolo@sweatrecordsmiami.com



    Q. Do you sell ad space on your site?
    A. Sure, if it’s something awesome and it makes sense with what we do. We make deals for local artists and businesses too.  Feel free to email lolo@sweatrecordsmiami.com for our current rate card.

    Q. How do I get my event included in your awesome local Events calendar?
    A. Click here for our easy Event-O-Matic submission page.  The events will be posted as soon as they are approved by the list moderator.  Please make sure your flier link ends in .gif or .jpg

    Q. How do I stay updated?
    A. Join our mailing list, check out our blog on the regular, be our friend on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, keep your eyes open for our fliers around Miami, and better yet, come by the store frequently!

    Q. You guys have a record label?
    A. We actually have two!  Sutro is Sweat’s vinyl-and-digital-only label dedicated to local acts, and Other Electricities is Emile’s label that puts out interesting sounds from all over the world.  For some reason we get asked this a lot but we are not a recording studio.



    Q. I heard you guys got robbed…
    A. Sad but true.  In September of 2008 some losers at life broke into Sweat while we were closed and stole just about every piece of electronic equipment in the store, trashed the place, and what’s worse is that they smashed our beautiful coral reef tank. We are so thankful that tons of love, support and financial help poured in from Sweat fans around the world and we reopened a few weeks later.  Unfortunately, the perpetrators were never caught.  We got robbed again (argh!) in April 2011 of our cash register and computer.  However, thanks to this nifty software we actually got our computer back!  True story.

    Q. What happened to your old location(s)?
    A. On October 23rd, 2005 Hurricane Wilma tore our first space a new one – literally. The entire front wall of the second floor collapsed onto the street below, rendering our building unsafe by the city.  After that we moved into a temporary space in the back of Churchill’s.  On November 30th, 2007, we moved into our current storefront next door to Churchill’s.

    Q. Why’d Sara leave Sweat?
    A. Her law career became pretty demanding so she graciously bowed out of Sweat in early 2006. We are all still the bestest of friends, and Sara is currently involved with Emerge Miami who meet every Tuesday evening at the shop.



    Q. Who did your awesome logo + mascots?
    A. Chuck Loose at Iron Forge Press, he makes “Good Art for Bad People” and might be the best graphic designer of all time.

    Q. Who did your website?
    A. Matthew Garvin of Garvin Media Group.  He built our site and Event-O-Matic from scratch and tricked the whole thing out.

    Q. Who are all the artists in the mural on the outside of your store and who painted it?
    A. The Sweat Records “Wall of Idolatry” features Daft Punk, Prince, Iggy Pop, Morrissey, Bjork, Serge Gainsbourg, David Bowie, Noodle and Murdoc of Gorillaz, Billie Holiday, Notorious B.I.G., Aphex Twin and Johnny Cash.  Incredible local artist and muralist CP1 (Claudio Picasso) did the entire piece without a single brush – it was all done with spray paint.  You should commission him, his website is cp1art.com

    Q. How does Lolo get her hair so red??
    A. She uses either Special Effects Nuclear Red or a combination of Manic Panic‘s Vampire Red and Rock ‘n’ Roll Red, and yes, it is bleached beforehand for extra brightness.

    Q. What if my question isn’t answered here?
    A. Call the shop (786.693.9309), or email info@sweatrecordsmiami.com