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Naturing the City: Toward Sustainable Communities and Resilient Infrastructure

MDC Museum of Art + Design, Freedom Tower

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Disasters, such as hurricanes, as well as the doom of climate change and sea level rise have fostered new thinking about urban planning, particularly in cities like Miami, Houston and New Orleans. There is a growing awareness that rebuilding must be sustainable in the long term in order to protect communities from dislocation and, ultimately, destruction. This panel includes practitioners and thinkers who are at the cutting edge of this booming field in various cities, as well as local Miami leaders. The goal of the roundtable is to exchange experiences and together envision the ideal city in the era of sea-level rise and climate instability.

Panelists: Dr. Daniel Aldana Cohen (University of Pennsylvania), Reverend Houston Cypress (Love the Everglades Movement), Joe Meppelink (Metalab Studio), Mayor Philip Stoddard (City of South Miami), Susanne Torriente (City of Miami Beach)

Moderator: Dr. Marilys Nepomechie (Florida International University School of Architecture)

600 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132, USA