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Ghost Drag Presents: Mark Sultan (BBQ)

Churchill's Pub

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Ghost Drag Records & Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents:

Mark Sultan/BBQ

SANDRATZ Fever Beam Las Nubes Borderline (DJ)

June 4th Churchill’s Pub 18+ $10 9pm

A cult figure, underrated gem, and sorcerer, Mark Sultan continues to hammer out releases while touring incessantly, showing no urge to quit.

“It’s weird… Rock’n’Roll started out as my religion, but has turned into a personal responsibility, to do my part in keeping it all alive.”

After a legacy of albums and 45s on some of the most respected labels out there (In The Red, Goner, Crypt, Wick/Daptone, Sub Pop, Fat Possum, Bomp!, Norton, etc…), and an impressive list of projects (The King Khan & BBQ Show, Ding-Dongs, Almighty Defenders, Les Sexareenos, Spaceshits, etc…), his latest album, ‘Let Me Out’ (Dec 2018, Modern Sky/Dirty Water/Burger) is something else. He had to learn a few instruments, and brush up on his production skills, as he painstakingly played and recorded the whole thing at his Sound Imperfection studio, in Berlin.

“Mark Sultan breathes fire into genres that, in most hands, only gather dust” Dusted Magazine

His unmistakeable vocals, instantly transportative melodies and ideas, use time as a tapestry, mood as color. Bound to be overlooked by the population at large, it somehow seems that’s the way Sultan likes it.

“Listening to this album is like that first time you heard a volume of Pebbles. A masterpiece of the genre. Pure Magic!” 4th Bardo

“(Sultan) doesn’t simply revive old sounds and old excitements, he ingests them and digests them, and regurgitates them as something new and personal.” Pitchfork

“If there’s a Patient Zero in garage rock’s shift from emulating the troglodytic stomp of teenage Stones wannabes in 1965, to embracing the Golden Oldies pop and doo-wop of the years just before Beatlemania, it’s probably Mark ‘BBQ’ Sultan, who releases albums of catchy, clever garage-pop more frequently than most people buy shoes.” Chicago Reader

“Sultan presents himself as an artist without many contemporaries.” Pop Matters

This tour sees Mark as the notorious one-man band, ‘BBQ’, which has long been lauded as something very special, and has also allowed him to tour the world from the Americas to Australia, Europe to Micronesia to Russia, and everywhere in between, playing hallowed venues like the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall. His music has made fans out of people like Lou Reed and Jon Spencer, and can be heard as an unaware xerox throught the ‘underground’.

“The best one-man band alive. If you don’t believe me, watch him perform. It is absolutely otherworldly and WILL blow your mind. And that voice…” London Times

“Like a haunted jukebox, complete with all of the static and anticipation, you can almost smell the filthy ghosts he needs to exorcise upon the stage.” Metro

“(He’s) a criminally underappreciated garage rock cult hero who puts on a one-man live show so sincerely passionate that he makes most primitive rock’n’roll revivalists look like cynical imposters.” NOW Toronto

And now, some links…

Firstly, Mark has made almost his entire discography available to listen to on his website. Hundreds of songs from many bands and projects over the years: http://www.marksultan.com

Here is a link to the last album, ‘Let Me Out’: https://marksultan.bandcamp.com And the last ‘single’ (actually a demo) of a song called ‘Higher’, which Mark will be performing on this tour: https://marksultanbbq.bandcamp.com/track/higher Ophelia: https://marksultanbbq.bandcamp.com/track/ophelia Agitated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgl-aACFL1s TORONTO TV (a performance of ‘I am The End’): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBTv8xJmFo8 I’ll Be Lovin You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX29RJMHEC8 Pancakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfbqPh9OdfE

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