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August Burns Red w/ Born of Osiris & more

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August Burns Red is an American metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania formed in 2003. The band current lineup consists of vocalist Jake Luhrs, rhythm guitarist Brent Rambler, lead guitarist John Benjamin “JB” Brubaker, bassist and keyboardist Dustin Davidson, and drummer Matt Greiner. August Burns Red is generally credited as a metalcore band and has also been said to share traits of other genres such as progressive metal and thrash metal.  The band is also identified as a melodic metalcore band. August Burns Red songs frequently feature highly melodic guitar riffs, technical or odd time signatures and breakdowns.  Musically, the group has incorporated instrumentals such as the cello and the violin while also featuring song elements such as classical music inspired interludes, pushing the boundaries of what is considered ‘metalcore’.  They look like clean-cut suburban kids, but when August Burns Red plug in to play, they unleash a precise, powerfully emotional onslaught that has won them a loyal following among fans of adventurous hard rock.

August Burns Red will be heading to Revolution Live on Wednesday, February 7, with support from Born of Osiris, Erra, & Ocean Grove.

Tickets $23 advance, $25 day of the show.