Sweat Records


5505 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137
Tel. (786) 693-9309

Sweat Records is proud to be Miami’s only fully vegan coffee house. The Miami New Times even awarded us “Best Coffeehouse” in their 2014 Best Of Miami issue.

We brew locally-roasted Panther Coffee beans and each beverage we serve is handmade-to-order so that it’s fresh and delicious when you drink it.

The centerpiece of the café is our gorgeous espresso machine, a top-of-the-line Bauhaus TLV designed by Studio Progetti.  A work of art in and of itself, this sexy beast extracts our organic beans into a rich, velvety cup topped with the perfect amount of crema.

We offer regular or vanilla soy milk and regular or vanilla almond milk.  Our cups and napkins are all recycled, and we’ve got Sweat-colored reusable Keep Cups that get you a free drink when you buy it and a discount every time you bring it back in.

Our drink menu is below and we always have a selection of vegan cookies, bars, and treats available, and an array of interested beverages in our cooler.  Come in today to see what all of our customers are raving about.




Espresso Double Shot – 2
A truly authentic shot made w/ beans roasted by Panther Coffee

Americano – 2
Espresso in hot water

Latte – reg 3 / lg 4
Espresso & steamed milk (light foam)

Cappuccino – reg 3 / lg 4
Espresso & steamed milk (heavy foam)


Iced Tea – reg 2 / lg 3
Peach Black or Pomegranate Green

Hot Tea – 2

Tea Latte, Hot or Iced – reg 3 / lg 4

Chai Latte, Hot or Iced – reg3 / lg 4


The Devastator – 5
A quad-shot of espresso – one per customer!

Unicorn Love Bomb – 2.5
Double shot of espresso topped with vegan marshmallows

Vanilla Iced Rice Baby – reg 3 / lg 4
Iced Toasted Rice Green tea with vanilla milk of your choice

Midnight Latte – reg 3 / lg 4
Decaf Black Vanilla tea with milk of your choice

Dirty South Chai – reg 3.5 / lg 4.5
Chai latte with a shot of espresso

Señor Mochanut – reg 3.5 / lg 4.5
Chocolate coconut latte


Regular or Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate – reg 3 / lg 4

Glass of Milk – reg 2 / lg 3

Mocha or Flavor Shot – 75¢

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    Noon to 5pm Sunday

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    Tuesday, 2/9: CASA DE HAHA, Miami's monthly standup comedy showcase hosted by Kat Toledo and Reginald Desjardins. 8-10pm, free.

    Tuesday, 2/16: Emerge Miami Meeting, 7-8pm.

    Tuesday, 2/23: Emerge Miami Meeting, 7-8pm.

    Saturday, 4/16: RECORD STORE DAY!!!