1. April

    This Just In: RSD Insanity!

    posted by Emile

    So, even though this is “This Just In,” where I ramble on about something and then list records, this week is obviously a special case due to Record Store Day on Saturday. And, sorry, but I’m not going to paste a list hundreds of titles deep of what we have, ’cause that’s no fun.

    Saturday morning, April 19th, we open our doors at 9AM so you can get a crack at those highly-sought-after RSD titles and all the other wax you’ve been saving your pennies for. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that we have a tradition of letting those who lined up extra early call “dibs” on one title, so someone who rolled up right at 9, chowing down on Taco Bell breakfast, doesn’t push ahead of them and snag said title. So be in line before 8 for your best chance at getting the piece you lust after most. Please remember that 700 stores participate in this event and some titles are limited to 1000 or waaaaaay less in other cases. Basic maths therefore dictate that we don’t have craploads of any one title. But we do have a lot of RSD titles – a few hundred actually.

    We’ve also restocked the regular racks and stuffed the used bins to the best of our ability, and we think there will be something for everyone on the floor this Saturday. “What about discounts?” you ask. Well, how about a free, all-day, all-ages block party with 28 bands, food trucks and gobs of free stuff like Panther Coffee, Ben & Jerry’s and KIND Bars? Waaaaay better than a discount in my opinion.

    Our staff has worked hard to make this the best RSD/Sweatstock ever. We hope you all have an incredible time and can’t thank you enough for supporting Sweat over the past 9 years!




  3. April

    Sweatstock SATURDAY!

    posted by Lolo

    Hooo doggies! This Saturday is our fifth annual Sweatstock festival – a free, all-ages, all-day block party and pop-up music festival celebrating our store’s 9-year anniversary as well as Record Store Day 2014.

    Some people ask us, “Why do you go through all the trouble of doing this when you don’t make money off it?” The answer is simple: we wouldn’t still be here without all of our amazing, loyal friends and customers, and this is our gift back to everyone for keeping us open another year.

    All the info is on the flier below. We’ll post more about the bands and RSD releases this week but come out for tons of amazing bands, comedy, film, food, drink, free Ben & Jerry’s, KIND bars and Panther Coffee, tons of free RSD swag, and a day of Miami love.

    Bring your friends/moms/kids/lovers/dogs/bandmates/etc. and please RSVP here. See you there!



  5. April

    Saturday is Otto’s Tipo Tropical Release Party Extravaganza

    posted by Jsin

    Bermuda Triangle bass king Otto Von Schirach is ready to release more music on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records. His digital single Tipo Tropical (featuring a synth line from Nayib Estefan & Pepe Billete) comes out on April 18th with La Plancha as the B-side. Read some words from Monkeytown about the track below, and preorder both here.

    “This record has such a strong visual content, that even when listening to it on bad speakers you will hallucinate pictures of parrots, birds of paradise and other likewise vivid tropical creatures. Miami’s Supermeng mixes beautifully sculpted bass drums with classical 808 hi-hats to shape this crazy sound on top of which he raps and sings in his very own interpretation of Spanglish. It sounds like Sancho Panza with Goldchains on a beach with lots of girls, dinosaurs and multicolored bubbly in a magnum bottle.”

    Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.08.38 PM

    If you didn’t get to hear this wicked record in Juan BassHead’s sets during WMC/MMW, this Saturday at The Stage is your chance! Otto wants you to “come dressed Miami” for his party with performances by the Supermeng himself, Poison Clan’s JT Money, Basside, plus a booty contest hosted by 2 Live Crew’s Brother Marquis! See you on the dancefloor!

    Otto Headlining Sweatstock 2013



  7. April

    This Just In: The Fall Of Math

    posted by Emile

    In 2004 I was deep in the throes of post rock… I spent a ton of time drumming in an impossibly arduous post rock outfit with a rotating cast of guitarists who just couldn’t handle “these long-ass songs”. Twice a week I’d make a 1-hour trek to a suburb of Portland to play in this horribly cramped, subdivided rehearsal space with laughable electrical problems. The guy who owned the space would often be hopped up on meth, walking around the warehouse on stilts. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

    We destroyed light bulbs, amp tubes, wall sockets and hands, playing for hours on end in winter (with no heat), all in the name of wanting to make a bold, instrumental statement like some of our favorite bands. Two of which were From Monument To Masses and 65daysofstatic. They played mathy post rock with political samples and glitchy, electronic flourishes. I was in awe and wanted to do the same thing. Problem was, our band sucked. I mean, as individual musicians we were OK, but I think we got a little too carried away with overplayed concept and forgot how to be original. The band broke up (duh!) and sort of became a record label instead (that has never released a post rock album). Even though it’s all ridiculous in retrospect, I still think fondly of that time and the sounds I was obsessed with.

    So, here’s to the 10th anniversary of 65daysofstatic’s debut album The Fall Of Math – finally available on vinyl! And may I never attempt write a post rock song again.

    65daysofstatic – The Fall Of Math LP+CD:
    Listen: “Retreat! Retreat!”
    “…After Sheffield foursome 65daysofstatic issued its rhythmically advanced studio missive of The Fall Of Math in 2004, on the audacious Monotreme Records, words suddenly clicked with the sounds in the air. Pairing agonised guitars and a progressive rhythm section with spatial programming more akin to acts on the same city’s legendary Warp Records, the reinvigorated older genre of math rock sat squarely on the band’s technical shoulders.

    This 11-track voyage – expanded to 20, collecting EP tracks and B-sides, for the anniversary edition – starts with the sampled monologue ‘Another Code Against The Gone’. It sets out their hybrid stall and refutes the rock band taboo of meddling with dark electronics. Track two, ‘Install A Break In The Heart That Clucks In Arabic’, launches and concludes as delicately as one could imagine – but the centre of the song is a plasticised landscape where anything seemingly could happen. A seething cacophony of distortion drops into a scything breakbeat interlude that almost sounds imported from Squarepusher’s hard drive. Yet it’s a brave insertion that instantly wins the hearts of wider-thinking rock fans

    Track three is equally propulsive. ‘Retreat! Retreat!’ is a visceral song still held by many fans as the band’s finest work. Teasing with a melodious glockenspiel before crushing us with their heavy and thrillingly progressive guitars, the band then traverses a 10/4 time signature while making this sonic illusion feel perfectly normal. The next eight tracks deploy similar codas of cerebral, spacious and quiet musings, subsequently poleaxed by gloriously vicious sonic explosions. ‘Default This’, a synapse-blasting electronic drum sequence, conjures a vacuum of shock that the soon-to-be signature swell of ‘I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood’ amply fills. ‘Hole’, later leading an EP of the same name, is vast in its vision and features a raft of bursting B-sides. Although ‘Fix The Sky A Little’ feels like a coiled rapier, sliding smoothly by wrought experience, we’re wise to its insidious ability to explode at any given off-kilter moment.

    Over the years we’ve come to appreciate that 65dos are possessed by an ability to wield huge slabs of sound around our dancing ears. It’s one of their true talents. Their illusion of sonic architecture is vast and they squat in the same live bracket of similar structural manipulators Autechre or the technically adept minimal dance producers of Plastikman or Jeff Mills. 65dos however killed the old-fashioned way with ricocheting live drums and an armada of processed guitars.

    The Fall Of Math thus set a path for these outsider rockers to exist for the last glorious decade, seducing us more deeply with every release. Alongside obvious bedfellows such as Battles and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, they’ve kept a spacious area to the left side of rock music deliriously pumped full of a mix of exotic air and strange gasses which still have the power to intoxicate us at every listen.” -Clash Music

    Everything is falling… new releases, reissues and restocks.
    Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues LP, CD
    Arctic Monkeys – AM LP; Suck It And See LP
    Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today LP
    Atlas Sound – Parallax LP
    A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders LP; The Low End Theory 2LP
    Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Enter The Slasher House 2LP, CD
    Bad Brains – s/t LP
    Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique 2LP
    Bonobo – North Borders 2LP
    Burial – Rival Dealer 12”
    Cat Power – Moon Pix LP; You Are Free LP; The Greatest LP; Sun 2LP
    Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else LP
    Cure – Disintegration 2LP, 3CD
    Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual 30th Anniversary Ed. LP
    Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest LP
    Deftones – White Pony 2LP
    Denny & The Jets – Mexican Coke LP
    Diarrhea Planet – Yama-Uba 7”
    Downliners Sekt – Silent Ascent 2LP
    Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose LP
    EMA – The Future’s Void LP, CD, CS
    Faint – Doom Abuse LP
    Fucked Up – Couple Tracks: Singles 2002 2LP
    Future Islands – Singles LP, CD
    Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here LP
    Grizzly Bear – Shields B-Sides LP; Yellow House LP
    Helms Alee – Sleepwalking Sailors LP
    Heterotic – Weird Drift LP
    Jeremy Goldsmith – The Omen OST
    Jim White – The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted…LP
    John Cage – Early Electronic & Tape Music LP
    Kelis – Food 2LP
    Knife – Shaking The Habitual 3LP
    Kurt Vile – Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze 2LP
    Liars – Mess LP
    M83 – You And The Night OST LP, CD
    Makaveli – The Don Illuminati LP
    Man Forever With So Percussion – Ryonen LP
    Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s – Sling Shot To Heaven LP
    Max Roach – Deeds, Not Words LP
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones – More Noise & Other Disturbances LP
    Misfits – Die Die My Darling 12”; Static Age LP
    Mount Carmel – Get Pure LP
    National – Boxer LP
    OFF! – Wasted Years LP
    Pixies – Doolittle LP; Bossanova LP
    Pure X – Angel LP
    Purity Ring – Shrines LP
    Ratatat – s/t LP; Classics LP; LP3 LP
    Ratking – So It Goes 2LP
    SBTRKT – s/t LP
    Sigur Ros – Von LP
    Skull Defekts – Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown LP
    Sohn – Tremors LP
    Squarepusher x Z-Machines – Music For Robots CD
    St. Vincent – Strange Mercy LP
    Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings & Food LP
    Teebs – Estara 2LP
    Thom Yorke – The Eraser LP
    Thundercat – Apocalypse 2LP
    Todd Terje – It’s Album Time 2LP
    Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones LP
    Vampire Weekend – Contra LP
    Various – Afro Peruvian Classics: The Soul Of Black Peru LP
    Various – Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical LP
    Various/Brazil Classics 5 – Hips Of Tradition: Return Of Tom Ze LP
    Various – Studio One Dub 2LP
    Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt LP
    Wild Beasts – Present Tense LP
    xx – s/t LP


  9. April

    Casa De Haha Returns to Sweat Tonight

    posted by Jsin

    After tonight’s Emerge Miami meeting, Casa de Haha returns to Sweat! Last Monday Daniel Reskin took his crew to The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse for a live taping of the new variety talk show (find one of the segments below!), Casa de Haha Tonight. It was such a success that they’ll be doing it again, so make sure you like their facebook page for future event info.

    Tonight’s comedy showcase starts at 8pm, and there’s no cover or drink minimums, so don’t miss it!



  11. April

    We Love Our Sweatstock Volunteers!

    posted by Jsin

    *UPDATE* We have enough volunteers, thanks everyone!

    Sweatstock is getting close! Every year we have awesome volunteers who help to make our free block party run smoothly. Volunteers receive a limited edition t-shirt designed by the amazing Brian Butler, a free drink at our cafe, and our eternal gratitude! We’re looking for great people to help on Saturday, April 19th with these three shifts:

    *4pm to 8pm
    *8pm to Midnight

    To volunteer send us a message to events@sweatrecordsmiami.com with the shift you’d like, your shirt size, and contact info. We’ll get back to you asap to confirm. If you can’t help, please share this with someone who might be interested. Thanks, and we’ll see you all at Sweatstock!



  13. April

    This Just In: ‘Cause We’re Psychic

    posted by Emile

    As some of you may know, I’m all about slow jams… especially dark, weirdo slow jams. A couple of Sweat’s other staffers are too. So, to start a new tradition, I’m gonna use “This Just In” as an excuse to highlight contemporary, under-the-radar make-out albums (you can take the “make-out” part literally or figuratively – your choice). Last year, inc.’s No World was the prevailing slow jam favorite in the shop, with Rhye’s Woman and Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety coming in close second and third, respectively. This year, HTRK’s Psychic 9-5 Club is running as a strong contender to take the lead. Think Sade fronting the sleazier side of Massive Attack, with a dark, philosophical slant. Granted, the year is only a quarter over, but this will definitely be a hard one to beat. Pick up a copy today (ya know, we sell incense too), and get (s)low.

    HTRK – Psychic 9-5 Club LP:
    Listen: “Blue Sunshine”
    Psychic 9-5 Club marks the beginning of a new chapter for HTRK. It’s an album that looks back on a time of sadness and struggle, and within that struggle they find hope and humour and love. It’s Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang’s first album recorded entirely as a duo—former band member Sean Stewart died halfway through the recording of their last LP, 2011′s Work (Work, work).

    Though the record is instantly recognisable as HTRK—Standish’s vocal delivery remains central to the band’s sound, while the productions are typically lean and dubby—they’ve found ample room for exploration within this framework. Gone are the reverb-soaked guitar explorations of 2009′s Marry Me Tonight and the fuzzy growls that ran through Work (Work Work). They’ve been replaced with something tender, velvety and polished. This is HTRK, but the flesh has been stripped from their sound, throwing the focus on naked arrangements and minimalist sound design.

    The album was recorded at Blazer Sound Studios in New Mexico with Excepter’s Nathan Corbin, who had previously directed the video clip for Work (Work Work) cut ‘Bendin.’ Inviting a third party into their world was no easy decision, but in Corbin they found a kindred spirit. The LP was then refined and reworked in Australia at the turn of 2013, before the finishing touches were applied in New York during the summer. Psychic 9-5 Club  was then mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin.

    Of all the themes that run through Psychic 9-5 Club, love is the most central. The word is laced throughout the album in lyrics and titles—love as a distraction, loving yourself, loving others. Standish’s lyrics explore the complexities of sexuality and the body’s reaction to personal loss, though there’s room for wry humour—a constant through much of the best experimental Australian music of the past few decades.

    Standish explores her vocal range fully—her husky spoken-word drawl remains, but we also hear her laugh and sing. Equally, Yang’s exploratory production techniques—particularly his well-documented love of dub—are given room to shine. They dip headlong into some of the things that make humans tick—love, loss and desire—with the kind of integrity that has marked the band out from day one. Psychic 9-5 Club is truly an album for the body and for the soul.” -Ghostly International


    The new releases, reissues and restocks of your dreams…
    2Pac – All Eyez On Me 4LP
    Actress – R.I.P. LP
    Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues LP
    Arthur Russell – World Of Echo 2LP
    Atmosphere – Overcast 12″
    Band Of Skulls – Himalayan 2LP
    Black Milk & Danny Brown – Black & Brown LP
    Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe 2LP
    Blur – Parklife 2LP
    Bob Marley – Jamaican Storm LP
    Body – I Shall Die Here LP
    Boogie Down Productions – By All Means Necessary LP
    Burnt Ones – Gift LP
    Cheveu – Bum LP
    Clash – London Calling 2LP
    CYNE – All My Angles Are Right LP
    Daft Punk – Daft Club 2LP; Random Access Memories 2LP; Homework 2LP
    Danny Brown – XXX 2LP
    Death – For The Whole World To See LP; Spiritual Mental Physical LP
    Doug Paisley – Strong Feelings LP
    Eazy-E – Eazy-Duz-It 2LP
    Evian Christ – Waterfall 12”
    Eyehategod – Preaching The End-time LP
    Floor – s/t LP+7”
    Francis Bebey – African Electronic Music 2LP
    Funkadelic – Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow LP; Maggot Brain LP
    Ghostface Killah – Ironman 2LP
    Goatwhore – A Haunting Curse LP; Carving Out The Eyes Of God LP
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor – F#A#…LP
    Gregory Isaacs – In Person LP
    Guided By Voices – Motivational Jumpsuit LP
    Halo Benders – God Don’t Make No Junk LP
    Health – s/t LP
    Howlin’ Wolf – Back Door LP
    Iggy Pop – The Idiot LP
    Inter Arma – Destroyer LP
    Inventions – s/t LP
    J. Dilla – Donuts 8×7″ Box Set; Jay Deelicious 3LP; Ruff Draft Beats LP Welcome To Detroit 2LP
    Jeff Buckley – Grace LP
    Jello Biafra & Melvins – Never Breathe What You Can’t See LP; Sieg Howdy! LP
    Joy Division – Closer LP; Unknown Pleasures LP
    Kaiser Chiefs – Education LP
    Kurt Vile/Sore Eros – Jamaica 10”
    Lambchop – Nixon LP
    Lana Del Rey – Born To Die LP
    LCD Soundsystem – London Sessions 2LP; Sound Of Silver 2LP
    Leaders Of The New School – A Future Without A Past 2LP
    Lee Perry – Aura Meets Lee Perry At Black Ark LP
    Liars – Mess 2LP
    Lootpack – Loopdigga 12″
    Mac DeMarco – Salad Days LP, CD
    Madlib – Beat Konducta Vol. 6 LP
    Manu Chao – Clandestino 2LP+CD
    Mark McGuire – Along The Way 2LP
    Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly LP
    MF Doom – Operation Doomsday 2LP; Special Herbs Vol. 3&4 2LP+7″
    Mo Kolours – S/T LP
    Neko Case – The Worse Things Get… Deluxe 2LP
    Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die LP
    N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton 2LP
    Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Return To The 36 Chambers 2LP
    Om – God Is Good LP
    Owls – Two LP
    Paul Nice – Drum Library Vol. 1 LP, Vol. 4 LP, Vol. 5 LP, Vol. 9 LP, Vol. 10 LP
    Peter Tosh – Legalize It LP
    Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia 2LP
    Phosphorescent – Muchacho LP
    Purling Hiss – Paisley Montage LP
    Quasimoto – Talkin Shit 7″ (Die Cut); The Unseen LP
    Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2LP
    Rafter – It’s Reggae LP
    Raime – Quarter Turns Over A Living Line 2LP
    Rolling Stones – Beggar’s Banquet LP
    S. Carey – Range Of Light LP
    Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron 2LP
    Scientist – Scientific Dub LP
    Shannon & The Clams – I Wanna Go Home LP
    Shit Robot – We Got A Love 2LP
    Sleep – Dopesmoker 2LP
    Small Black – Real People 12”
    Songs: Ohia – Hecla & Griper LP; Ghost Tropic LP
    Souls Of Mischief – ’93 Til Infinity 2LP
    Stepkids – Troubador LP
    Sunn 0)))/Ulver – Terrestrials LP
    Superchunk – Indoor Living LP
    Talib Kweli – Gravitas 2LP
    Talking Heads – Remain In Light LP
    Thelonious Monk – It’s Monk’s Time LP
    Thievery Corporation – Saudade LP
    Thou – Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For 12”
    Tim Hecker – An Imaginary Country 2LP
    Townes Van Zandt – s/t LP
    Tycho – Awake LP
    Ty Segall – Melted LP; s/t LP
    Various – All The Breaks Vol. 2 LP, Vol. 3 LP
    Various – Bush Taxi Mali LP
    Various – Choubi Choubi Vol. 2 2LP
    Various – Heavenly Ethiopiques: The Best Of The Ethiopiques Series 2LP
    Various – For A Few Fuzz Guitars More LP
    Various – Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 2LP
    War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream 2LP
    Watchout! – Flashbacker LP
    White Hinterland – Baby LP
    Wild Beasts – Present Tense LP
    Yeasayer – Good Evening Washington D.C. LP
    Young Fathers – Dead LP


  15. April

    Your Week In Sweat: Our Jobs, Our Stories

    posted by Jsin

    We’re taking it easy on the in-store events this month to prepare for the big Sweatstock event. Emerge Miami will still be meeting every Tuesday, and you’re welcome to join them in helping Miami grow.

    Saturday at 5pm members of the South Florida IWW, a revolutionary union for all workers, and Recomposition, an online publication of stories and analysis by workers towards a world of self-management, will guide the discussion and read stories from Lines of Work, a collection of stories written from the cubicle, cash register, hospital, factory, or job site. Here’s more info about the book edited by Scott Nikolas Nappalos:

    ” Half our waking hours are spent on the job, consuming the lion’s share of our time. Our years are woven with stories of work told around the dinner table, breakroom, and bars. Yet these stories are rarely put into print, investigated, or seen as they should be; as part of workers’ activity to understand and change their lot under capitalism.

    Lines of Work offers a rare look at life and social relationships viewed from the cubicle, cash register, hospital, factory, and job site. Drawn from the writings of Recomposition, an online project of worker radicals, the text brings together organizers from a handful of countries sharing their experiences with the trouble of working and fighting back.

    Rather than professional writers or activists, the authors are workers reflecting on their experiences, aspirations, and how to improve our situation. Through storytelling, they draw out the lessons of workplace woes, offering new paths and perspectives for social change and a new world.”



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